Wednesday, January 04, 2006

NUVVO - Free online education portal

This is pretty cool. Took me all of 5 minute to sign up and start creating an online course. Minimal free mb's though and no glossary feature. But still a bargin and a really nice look to it.
If you want to you can charge for your course(s) and the site deducts 10% and sends you the rest. I kinda like that idea.


John Philip Green said...

Hi there,

John here--President of Technology @ Savvica (creators of Nuvvo).

Thanks for your post. We are delighted to hear that you found Nuvvo easy to use.

What do you mean by a glossary feature? Just tell us what you want and we'll build it.

Feel free to send feature requests to

One little thing; we only collect 8% of e-commerce transaction, which we do so begrudgingly because the credit card and merchance services companies get about half.

Kind Regards,


jamie billingham said...

Thanks John,

Am sending you a link to an example of the glossary feature I use in Moodle.