Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Law of Diffusion of Innovation Game

"The Diffusion Simulation Game was created in the Department of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University Bloomington. This Web version was led by Dr. Ted Frick with designers Barbara Ludwig, K. J. Kim and Rui Huang. The DSG is based on a board game originally developed by Dr. Michael Molenda and Patricia Young, and is based on research on diffusion and adoptions of innovations."

Wikipedia has more info on the Law of Diffusion in Innovation, really cool, might even interest the "cautious adopters" out there (I didn't like the label originally used for that group).

I'm an early adopter in most areas. I like.. no, love change, the new, different, innovative. This sometimes has it's drawbacks. I have, with no doubt, stressed out more than one co-worker with my need to find "better" ways to do things that were actually working ok just the way they were.

This week I have to decide on a research project for my Interdisciplinary MA. A topic that incorporates Leadership, Learning and Technology and that I can insinuate into my professional life and most importantly one that can hold my crow like attention for a year.. Wait.. what's that shiny new idea over there?

I think there may be a link here to a project that will fit well and meet the criteria I am looking for. More later. Heading to Saskatoon to teach Violence Prevention program for the week.

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