Friday, February 13, 2009

CSO - Search Criminal - Provincial

"Court Services Online provides access to the public court record including the criminal court record. You will find information about who has been charged with an offence, the type of offence and the outcome of the charge.

This court record includes charges for offences under a number of provincial and federal Acts including the Motor Vehicle Act, the Fisheries Act and the Criminal Code of Canada."

Not sure how I feel about this. Yes, I like transpearency, especially in the justice system. Not sure if everyone who can now use this site/information is going to use it ethically. I can see it leeding to a lot of exclusions to housing, services and employment resulting from this.

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Anonymous said...

Criminals have enough luxeries these days anyways.
Why shouldnt a citizen be able to check up on a renter or employee?
I would definately use this to see who I am dealing with regardless of the circumstance.
Are their liberties being abused by being able to check into their past??
Thats the chance you take when you do a crime.