Saturday, January 07, 2006

Go Daddy Rocks!

I'm not usually one for commercialization or promoting the commercialization of anything but I gotta say, Go Daddy is a very cool company.

Why? Well let me tell ya... They called me.
Simple as that.

Ok, a bit more to the story. I have a couple of domain registered at Go Daddy. One is related to my MA project, the other is... will eventually be, my own site.

A week or so ago I was trying to assign a hosting package to one domain and the Web Site Tonight feature to the other. But I messed it up, got it backwards actually. (sigh, am not as geeky as I may first appear). Anyway, I gave up trying to right the wrongs I had created. I decided to take a breather and go back another day to fix it.

And then this morning, outa the blue, a rep from Go Daddy called me. He said something like "Hi Jamie, I'm calling to help you fix your account options. It looks like you are having some trouble".

I kid you not! Way too cool. Then he very patiently walked me through all the steps needed to make everything right.

If I could just get this kind of service from my bank and my mechanic I'd be set lol

So, I am a fan of Go Daddy and they have, through that one phone call, built a huge surplus of social capital with me.

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