Thursday, January 19, 2006

More predictions for the year ahead in online learning

Link in title goes to Predictions for 2006: E-learning Experts Map
the Road Ahead - ELearn Magazine by Lisa Neal.

"Who, in 2002, envisioned the popularity of podcasts, wikis, and blogs? Yet for all the emphasis on how content can be created and disseminated, there has been too little focus on the quality of the learning experience. That's why my prediction for 2006 is that people will realize that technology, no matter how innovative, is just an enabler. New technologies only succeed if they help people learn. Read on for more predictions from some of the most thoughtful and opinionated people in the e-learning field." Lisa Neal


Anonymous said...

TY for the link. I read it and reread it. Their focus, of course, is on public schools, colleges/ universities, and professionals, but I'm interested in what we at home can learn online. Some great points in there, like peer-to-peer collaborative learning (duh, it's already happening on open source projects and tech sites like arsTechnica). I also agree that one direction will be open source (free, wiki/public-built). Those who want credit for courses of study can pay and perhaps be tested in some centralized location. It's not all about traditional students anymore. I learn (online) every time I post on my blog.

jamie billingham said...

Welcome.. Check this out,
courtesy of Stephen Downes (link in my links list).

I think the biggest boom in education in the next few years is going to be the non traditional learner. People like you (and me) who are doing self-directed advanced studies at home.

The challenge will be getting institutions who hold the credit and degree granting wand to let go of their monopoly and accept portfolio and problem based assessment as valid. 'course the problem with that is loss of income from the institutions perspective.