Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chilliwack Candidates - where art thou?

Candidates? Hello? Are you out there?

Update: Since last I looked the city has added links to Civic Info BC that includes contact information about candidates.

Mayor and council candidates are here.
School trustee candidates are here.
Parks Board candidates are here.

List of candidates is here.

I really appreciate that this has been done. I am less appreciative of the lack of promotion or that after a very long conversation with the Mayor and the city communications person about the need for this, that nothing was passed on. Lack of follow through sends a very clear message.

My kids don't vote in municipal elections. They are in their 30's, own homes in Chilliwack and between them have five children in Chilliwack public schools. I decided that this election would be different. So, I asked them - What will it take to get you to the polls?

The answer was pretty basic and not a huge surprise. They both said they'd vote if they knew who the candidates were... and by who they meant more than just their names. They both also suggested that finding out who the candidates were through online means would be better. So off I went, hunting down the info that would get them to a point where they felt informed enough to vote.

I got a bit sidetracked trying to find out what existing candidates had been up to since 2011. That's another story. Eventually I ran out of time and patience trying to locate all the candidates online presence - clearly many do not have any kind of online history or social media accounts recognized by Google - and I created a form they could fill out. I began with a Google form and after some challenges with that moved to SmartSheet (I really love SmartSheet).

This is what I came up with. The link to the form is here and embedded below. And the live results are here.

If you are a candidate in Chilliwack can you help out by filling this in. If you know a candidate in Chilliwack can you point them this way?

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