Monday, May 04, 2009

Irish Needle Exchange Forum - Community Blog - Practitioners - Wired In

Just opened - "dedicated online resource for those working in the field on needle exchange services, those using the services, and those with an interest in the subject."

I joined this yesterday. Nigel Brunsdon from Injecting Advise and Tim Bingham from INEF.IE have done a great job setting up this forum.

Both Injecting Advise and INEF.IE website are full of timely and accurate information about drug use and harm reduction.

Let the conversations begin!


Nigel B said...

Thanks for the mention on both those sites Jamie. Just to let your readers know will be getting its own dedicated forum very soon (as soon as I can get my host to upgrade database software).

Both the INEF and also welcome commenting on all articles, either directly on the sites or on our facebook groups.

Jamie Billingham said...

Awesome. I have a few meeting coming up with other HIV/AIDS Prevention folks (aka Needle Eschange workers). Will be passing on links and contact info.


tim said...

Hi Jamie

Thanks for making others aware of the INEF website. I have a passion to have an international perspective on the issues. The more people who get involved the better

Many thanks

Tim Bingham

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
Also like to thank you for the plug..we need to get this stuff out there.

Co-Chair INEF