Friday, April 10, 2009

Decentralized Community - A New Approach to Social Problem Solving

Garrick Lachance provides a manifesto to end homelessness on this site. In the manifesto he cites both the "Wisdom of Crowds" approach and Gabor Mate's take on the nature and impact of addiction.

It's an interesting idea, something I have thought of in various forms for quite some time. Years ago I had knew a couple who "dated" every Saturday. Without fail they would get a sitter for their kids and drive from Chilliwack into Vancouver to spend the day with each other. Also, without fail, they would have lunch and invite a "street person" to join them. This was their ritual and their way of giving back.

I always thought it was a cool idea and Mr. Lachance seems to think so too. His version of this however includes gathering data while dining and then entering that data on the website.

The website also has a forum which includes more information about the originator of site and concept. The site is new so not a lot of activity as yet, but it has potential, I think.

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