Saturday, February 28, 2009

Leadership Training

Just back from the Pacific AIDS Network (PAN) conference. One of the highlights for me was hearing about the Leadership Training that PAN is adopting from the Ontario AIDS Network (OAN). The logis model is well thought out and the training leaders from the community philosophy is long overdue.

It also makes me wonder why other non profits aren't doing the same. Mid and upper level managers are aging out (aka retiring) at an alarming rate. When they leave they take years of knowledge and experience with them. Succession planning ought to be at the top of all Executive Directors to-do lists.


todd owens said...

Great blog! Can you share any info with me about the logis model you reference above? Thanks.

Todd Owens,

Jamie Billingham said...

Thanks Todd,

The link above is to a report on the Leadership Project, the Logic Model is in the appendix.